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About Leah

I'm just a normal girl over here, trying to be the best version of myself I can be, while encouraging others as they do the same.  I want to transparently share what I have learned about all the things I have invested my time and energy, wellness, fitness, parenting, leadership, entrepreneurship, fashion, beauty, marriage, speaking, time management, wealth management, teaching, travel....we will cover all the topics.  Join me on this crazy journey called life.

Meet Leah: About


* Wife to high school sweetheart & my all-time favorite person (17 years & counting)
* Mom of 5 (Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy - I like patterns)
* Leader in the Beauty Industry, but low-maintenance chick at heart
* Live on a 140-acre Farm in the 1st Agri-Community in Ohio
* Food, nutrition & wellness hobby/obsession
* Fitness hobby/obsession (college athlete & 4 years of CrossFit)
* I love to make Einkorn sourdough bread, homemade bone broth & curry of all kinds

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Meet Leah: About

Choose Your Hard

It's hard to be an entrepreneur.

It's hard to work for someone else.

It's hard to be a stay at home mom.

It's hard to manage wealth.

It's hard to be broke.

It's hard to have children.

It's hard to be married.

It's hard to not find a spouse.

It's hard to stay fit.

It's hard to be sedentary.

It's hard to live an intentional life.

It's hard to experience the results of not being intentional.

It's hard to work hard.

It's hard to be lazy.

Choose your hard.

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Meet Leah: About

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