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It is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, for those who observe the Lenten season, which is a 40-day period (46 days if you include Sundays) before Easter. It is a time of reflection and preparation before the celebration of Easter Sunday. The 40 days replicates Jesus Christ’s withdrawal and fasting in the desert for 40 days after his baptism. Prayer, fasting, new disciplines and new or refined habits are common commitments made by those who participate in the Lenten Season.

Regardless of whether you observe Lent or are aligned with the belief system, a short season of focused disciplines and commitments never led anyone astray. I do not know anyone who was worse off after a period of reflection and goals and new healthy habits., right?!

I was recently inspired by some friends of mine who started #75Hard in the new year: 75 days of HARD goals and daily commitments. I have watched them grit it out and grow and stay consistent and get results. It has been an inspiration to me, so I thought I would do #46Hard during Lent.

I feel oddly vulnerable to share some of my Lenten plans here. I don’t know why? It is not anything surprising or unusual or anything I would not share with friends. Maybe it is just my mood on this very wintry, subzero-temperature day in Ohio right now? Maybe I think you will think they are too easy? Or too hard? Or maybe I am worried I am missing something important? Regardless, here goes what feels like vulnerability at this time:

  • At least 10+ minutes/day of a quiet time of prayer, reading, meditation, journaling, reflection in the morning

  • Read 6 pages/day in my new book “All Things New” by John Eldridge (thank you for this gift, Unleashed Directors), which will complete the 211-page book

  • Listen to personal development audios while getting ready in the morning

  • Daily liquids: 40+ oz of lemon water, tumbler of Prime Tea, mug of bone broth with curry, nutritional/protein shake with supplements

  • Track 30 minutes of activity on my Apple Watch to complete the “Exercise” ring everyday, even days I do not go to the gym

  • Do 4 CrossFit gym workouts/week

  • Track my calories & macros in the Keto app 5 days/week

  • Weigh in on the scale everyday

  • Have a 1-on-1 date day with my 3 oldest children during the 46-day period

  • A variety of business/personal development goals in March

  • Tithing goals in March

  • And a few more personal/intimate goals

There, I did it. It felt good. I may have a vulnerability hangover after I officially post this.

My husband is officially joining me for #46Hard and he has his own set of goals and commitments. I created and printed calendars for us to track the completion of allll.our.things so we can stay on track everyday. We may or may not be rewarding ourselves with an amazing vacation upon the successful completion of our 46 days.

If you are new to goal setting and daily habits, possibly start with a shorter list. Many of these items are already apart of how I roll from day to day. Trust me, it will be HARD, but it is not too far off from my current daily rhythm. But the stretch always happens in little extra inches.

What would you be happy you could say you did as the next 46 days comes and goes? What would be on your #46Hard list?

Here’s to an amazing Lenten Season in allll.the.things and in all the ways!



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1 Comment

Debbie Waldrop
Debbie Waldrop
Feb 20, 2021

Your list is great! You never see and remember you HAVE accomplished something unless you track it. Swing with all your might and you will go far. (Batter Batter Swing)

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