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The Summer Planner for Kids

We get 83 glorious days of summer ☀️ break! I want to maximize this precious time, so I made a Summer Planner for Kids! I reflected on...

The Fermented Life

I was sitting in the office of a wellness professional who has been supporting my son with the autoimmune journey we are on.  She asked...

Level-Up, Girl!

Skin Cycling is a skin care concept that went viral on TikTok when New York based dermatologist, Dr. Whitney Bowes, coined the phrase. ...

Our Home Birth Experience

(a story of life, community, surrender and accepting hard things) You get a mixed bag of reactions when you tell people you are having...

A Buzz Word

“When opportunity presents itself, it’s too late to get prepared.” - John Wooden A buzz word that has been trending for the last two...

6 + 1 = 7

I never thought I would have five children. I never really knew how many I wanted. I came from a big family, but I would see other...

Philosophies About the Home

I geek out about organizational projects in my home, possibly even slightly OCD about it 🤷🏽‍♀️. I think it comes from a strong desire...

Summer Plans (part 2)

We just celebrated the last week of school. The summer schedule officially begins on Monday. I have invested a lot of time in getting...


On March 13, 2020, my career went virtual. For 14 years, my business was primarily an “in-person” gig, with a high value on being with...

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All The Things

knowing & taking your next right step for all the things that matter most to you

Food, fitness, fashion, the mom-life, the entrepreneur-life, the leader-life, the wife-life...we will cover all the things and all the hats we wear.  Join me on this journey.

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