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A Buzz Word

“When opportunity presents itself, it’s too late to get prepared.” - John Wooden

A buzz word that has been trending for the last two years is IMMUNITY. It is a complex word that has been used in many different contexts, and comes in many different forms: immunology, immunotherapy, immune system, natural immunity, autoimmune, immunologist, immunodeficiency, immunocompromised and more. Here is one of the definitions that pops up when you google it: “the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells”. That is the definition I have in mind as I write this.

Between the world events and having a child with an autoimmune challenge, I have learned a lot about immunity in the past two years. It has been an interesting word to follow. My first experience with the widespread censorship that is happening in our world right now had to do with the word immunity. In the spring of 2020, I was following a Dr. who was teaching about supplements and treatments to do at home to build your immunity, as a way to protect yourself from c🦠. I am not sure what was threatening enough about his message for him to be censored and de-platformed? He taught people to take personal responsibility for their health and well-being by building and protecting their immune system, and to not wait until you catch a virus before you take action.

A dear friend gave me a book by Dr. Brownstein (@drdavidbrownstein) about viruses and immunity. He successfully treated c🦠 patients throughout the last two years and never lost a patient. His book is a great education on how the immune system works, and the core vitamins (Vitamins C, D, A & iodine) that help to build a healthy immune system. Dr. Cabral (@stephencabral) is another great resource on building immunity and a healthy gut. His company, EquiLife, is where I get many of my supplements.

So far this year, only my 4-year old has missed one day of school from having a mild cold, despite the increased illness that seems to be rampant everywhere. I know how much a sick child can disrupt life, and it is no fun to see them miserable and uncomfortable. Below is a short list of things we started doing in the summer to build and protect our immunity. I did not want to wait until they got sick to start doing these things, which is what I have done in the past. I have learned ways to be more proactive about supporting our immunity. I wanted them to be ready for the inevitable exposure to bacteria and virus that happens when you live life in community.

I do believe food is medicine, but it is unlikely that you consume enough of the right foods to give your body all the nutrition it needs. That is why supplements are needed. When administering supplements to your children, applesauce is your best friend, because not a lot of children cannot swallow capsules yet.

Below is my routine with the kids. I am no doctor or expert, I just want to pass on some easy and helpful tips I have learned that could support your family. Consult with your family doctor or pediatrician before starting a routine for yourself or your children.

  • Every morning I mix powdered vitamin C, zinc & probiotics in applesauce to go with their breakfast. They do not object at all, because the applesauce masks the taste. If I notice any sniffles, sneezes or other symptoms, I will give them another round at lunch and/or dinner to give their immune system an extra boost. Shaklee has a great vitamin C chewable, but I find it to be more cost effective to get the powdered form in capsules.

*Side-note: high quality vanilla & chocolate

nutritional protein shakes are also great ways to disguise supplements. We most often use Shaklee, Garden of Life & EquiLife protein shakes.

  • I also give my kids a high potency vitamin D3 that comes in liquid dropper form that has no flavor, so it is easy to give to children. We live in Ohio, so we especially need an extra dose of vitamin D in the winter because of the little sun exposure we get throughout the months when the days are shorter and colder.

  • Another form of vitamin D we take is Cod Liver Oil, which is also a great source for vitamin A & omega-3 fatty acids. I remember taking this as a child and I dreaded it because the taste and oiliness can be off-putting. I found a brand that has a very mild flavor so it is manageable for most children to take. I give them a teaspoon each morning. I get some complaints, but it is not too much of a fight to administer it each morning, and they chase it with a bite of applesauce.

  • Now let’s talk about probiotics. I have used a lot of different brands and there are many to choose from. Shaklee has great options and I have also used EquiLife’s Protocol (picture below) for children. The capsules are in powder form and I mix them in applesauce with zinc and vitamin C. The Biocidin dropper bottle is an immunity booster has a pleasing taste.

  • The last thing I will mention that has been new to me this year is taking iodine. I take a dropper of the brand below, and I am still experimenting with a brand the kids will take. It has a strong flavor and a slight burn. Iodine can be a great support for your thyroid.

Again, in the words of basketball coach, the late John Wooden, “When opportunity presents itself, it’s too late to get prepared.” Don’t wait until you get sick. Start doing something now. You can take your health and well-being into your own hands. A healthy immune system and gut protects you. You have the power to create a life of wellness, energy and vitality. What is your next best step today?

Blessings on your journey,


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