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Another Normal, Nondescript, Unsexy Day

An old post from a few years ago popped and I thought I would share here (unedited from the original):

“I know it is tempting to only post the "highlight reel" moments & pictures, so this is my attempt to do the opposite. We had a very normal, mundane day. I spent the morning with my 4 kids. They didn't do anything particularly cute or memorable, just normal kid things. We had happy moments and frustrating moments. I worked in my office today. I did some things I wanted to do and also some things I didn't prefer doing. Nothing magical happened, just another day of investing my time/energy the best that I can. I never managed to get makeup on and I had planned to workout this afternoon, but I ran out of time. Not everything got a checkmark on my list today. We ate dinner together and then played with the kids afterward; again, some happy moments and some frustrating moments. My kids tend to use too much toilet paper so I ended my day with plunging a clogged toilet. Just another normal, nondescript, unsexy day. YET filled with joy and God’s unending provision and love. Now I'm going to read my book until a fall asleep. And thank God I get the privilege to wake up and do it all again.

As we go into the weekend, remember...

  • Social media is the 1% highlight reel; very little actual real life is actually posted (sometimes I have to remind myself of that when tempted to compare).

  • Everyone has normal, nondescript, unsexy days that will never be posted.

  • Everyone has bowel movements; sorry for the potty language, but it is helpful to remember that when you put some people too high on a pedestal. Just think of them on the toilet and you will remember we are all just humans.

  • Spend more time living your life than watching others live theirs.

  • Make private, happy memories with people you love and let them just remain in your private life.

  • Eat dinner with your family without your phone right beside you.

  • Stop scrolling and start living.

  • Guard your heart and mind.

  • This is the one & only precious life you get. Choose wisely this weekend.

Be blessed,


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Such great advice!

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