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Beautiful Questions & Beautiful Answers

In my world, July 1 is the first day of our fiscal year. I have always loved having two New Year Days in my year; January 1 and July 1. I do not know of anyone who appreciates a fresh start, a clean slate, a re-set more than I do. And if you think of the year in quarters (four 90-day cycles), you actually have four New “Year” days to celebrate - January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. These are natural days to reevaluate, regroup, set new goals, celebrate progress track benchmarks, adjust activity and dream new dreams.

I have learned to start the goal setting process with a list of beautiful questions. Beautiful questions lead to beautiful answers. You cannot just start listing your goals until you understand your motivates, your desires and the life you want to create. How can you design and live your preferred life without fully understanding what you want to create? And without fully processing past victories and past disappointments? And without defining the deep reasons you want to work toward your goals? Many people jump into the goal-setting process without first investing time in the necessary legwork needed to make the goal-setting and goal-getting effective.

To support you in this process, here is a list of thought-provoking “questions” I created for my team this year. They work for your life or for any career you may have.

My biggest victory so far this year is:

My biggest defeat so far this year is:

My most courageous moments of this year have been:

My most confident moments of this year have been:

My most regretful moments of this year have been:

A dream that I have yet to achieve is:

The clearest vision I have received from God about my life and/or career is:

One year from now, I would like to be experiencing this in my life and/or career:

If I were experiencing what I just described, my family would benefit is this way:

I know that committing to these daily choices would change everything in my life and/or career:

The number one person I want to succeed for is:

And the reason I want to succeed for him/her is:

I am the most proud of myself when:

I am the most disappointed in myself when:

I feel like I am growing as a person when:

I want to let go of these past pains/failures/disappointments:

I want to always remember the exhilaration and satisfaction of these past victories:

If a high performance coach was giving me advice about this year, this is what he/she would say:

I want to create a new chapter in my life. Here is how the chapter will go:

I am daily designing, creating and thinking about my preferred future. Here is what my preferred future looks like:

I trust you will create many beautiful answers. Here’s to many New “Year” Days and working to create the life of your dreams!



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