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Designing an Amazing Summer with my 4 Children

Ok people, I need to process and brainstorm our plans for the summer. And tap into the ideas and brilliance of my amazing community (you). Having a clear plan eases my anxiety and creates positive vibes in my life. Right now, I just have a few ideas swimming around in my mind. I need to get them down on paper.

Creating-a-successful-summer-experience-for all-the-people-and-in-all-the-ways:

My kids are now old enough (kind of) that we do not need in-home childcare help anymore, but still young enough to need support and structure. My husband and I both have very high-energy careers that we will invest time in this summer, while also investing time in creating amazing memories with our children. I do believe summer should be filled with memories and experiences and fun, but I do not believe they are entitled to have fun all of the time with no responsibilities or expectations to keep up with their education. How can we do all the things!?

I am thinking to have a 9am-to-noon-independent-work/activity/art/music session every day. They would be responsible for...

  • Making their breakfast + cleanup after

  • A short list of morning chores so our house is not a disaster all summer

  • Summer workbook review page (I ordered these from their school)

  • Video Bible lesson (Right Now Media is a great resource) with a writing or drawing journal entry after

  • Artwork time

  • Feed and walk the dog

  • Silent reading time

  • Older ones help the younger ones with activities and reading

  • Play dough and hands-on activities for Lulu that can be done independently

  • Piano/drum practice

  • Make lunch and listen to a book series on audible (I got an amazing book list from my Facebook friends)

  • Cleanup after lunch and do afternoon chores

After lunch they would be free play outside with friends. Thankfully we live on a street with about 20 kids, and on a 140-acre farm with lots of trails in the woods, so there is no end to the play that happens in our neighborhood.

We have a responsibility chart on the fridge that would list these things and they would earn stars for each of the tasks. A certain number of stars would earn them a reward that they could cash in for every week.

It all looks good on paper. In the perfect world, they would be able to do all of these things independently (without fighting or complaining), creating the space for my husband and I to get our work days off to a good start.

I have two weeks to solidify this plan. Here are my next best steps:

  • Have a Lauchlan Family Meeting to go over the plan and expectations. I will definitely need their buy in. “People support that which they help to create.”

  • Collaborate on rewards for earning stars

  • Clean out and organize their supplies in the mudroom

  • Order new activities and supplies needed

  • Order hard copy books and audible books to be read/listened to over the summer

  • Type up and print their schedule & chore list

Phew, I feel better already. I needed to get that out. I will be posting updates on how this plan works out. Wish us luck!

What summer plans have worked best for you?

We’ve got this.

xoxo, Leah

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May 06, 2021

Love allll these ideas! I have been racking my brain for a best summer ever for my 3 kiddos while at the same time being productive in my career. I love the idea of structure and fun! Thank you for sharing this! I feel much better going into the summer with a plan! No doubt Leah that you’ll rock this out! :)

Leah Lauchlan
Leah Lauchlan
May 07, 2021
Replying to

I know! It was giving me anxiety to not have a good plan so now I feel a lot better!

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