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I look at this picture and I see two women who were divinely placed in my life over a decade ago. They have been impactful and influential leaders for me (to say the least), and have grown to be dear friends and confidants. God has been abundantly lavish in His provision of amazing people in my life.

I also see an open door, with bright lights to greet upon entry, and action being taken to walk through the door. This is a picture of the choice we get to make everyday, in fact every moment. Every moment is a gift. Every moment is an opportunity. And you find what you are looking for. So look for the opportunity. See the open door. Take the next best step.

With each breath we take, set before us is the choice of…

  • seeing opportunities, or obstacles

  • thoughts that lead to life, or those that lead to destruction

  • taking action, or caving to the lie of procrastination that promises it will be easier tomorrow

  • acknowledging, affirming and praising, or remaining silent

  • being present in the moment, or continuing to scroll

  • getting out of bed, or hitting snooze

  • choosing gratitude for what has been provided, or anxiety about what you do not have

  • And the list goes on and on.

"Your thoughts and choices are incredible powerful. Choose yours wisely." - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Isn’t it amazing that we GET to choose?! We have the free will and privilege to choose! We create the life we expect through our thoughts and choices. It is easy to default to thinking that our circumstances are out of our control, or that we have been dealt the wrong cards. Although we all have situations we did not choose, for the most part, our lives are exactly what we have created them to be, and only we can take responsibility for that. Even in the deep darkness of what we did not choose, we still have a choice in how we respond.

The part that is confusing is that we all have an abundance of both opportunities AND obstacles. I have so many opportunities and I have so many obstacles. So do you. Obstacles are big and ugly and loud and usually easy to see. It takes a trained, developed, wise and astute eye to search for and find the opportunities, often hidden behind the big, ugly, obnoxious obstacles.

Back to the picture. Those wide open doors with bright lights on the other side are EVERYWHERE. Every moment brings with it an open door and bright lights.


In my darkest hours, filled with the burden of anxiety and the confusion of life, I can still choose to see grace for another day to live and provision of more than I need. There can always be an open door with bright lights I can choose to walk through. Or not. It is my choice.

What gifts of opportunity are hidden behind your ugly obstacles? Look for them. They are there. Where are your open doors and bright lights? I promise you have more than you realize. Look for them. Find them. And walk through.

Blessings & best wishes,


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