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Level-Up, Girl!

Skin Cycling is a skin care concept that went viral on TikTok when New York based dermatologist, Dr. Whitney Bowes, coined the phrase.  It is a simple 4-day skin care routine that is very effective, yet without over-processing your skin.

Without realizing it, I started doing a version of this concept a few years ago when Mary Kay started producing more masks and treatments.  We have several masks that are only meant to be used a few times a week.  I noticed how effective these treatments were for my skin, and I wanted to make sure I did not forget to use them, so I followed a weekly routine, using all the treatments/masks about twice a week.  I wish I would have done a TikTok about my routine that went viral.  Lol.

The Skin Care industry has grown year over year for the past decade, and is projected to be a $200-billion industry by 2026. The average American woman spends around $300/month on cosmetics.  The average facial at a salon is around $200 - your skin will have a great glow that day, but lasting results only happen when the treatments are done consistently.  We have the equivalent of treatments used in a salon that you can use everyday for a fraction of the cost, and with far-better, longer-lasting results.

There are four main generations purchasing skin care in the market right now (more if you include sub-generations).  They each value/prioritize something different, which is important to understand.

#1 Baby Boomers (1946-1964; 58-76)

They want anti-aging, yet not necessarily wanting to turn back time. Their highest priority is quality.

#2 GenX (1955-1965; 42-57)

They are practical & prudent, leery of false promises, and they want something that performs like it claims.

#3 Millennials/GenY (1981-1996, 26-41)

They are the most serious generation about their skin care routine; they want that Instagram glow, but are far more concerned about ingredients than other generation.  They are willing to spend/invest a lot on skin care.

#4Gen Z/iGen (1997 or after, 18-25)

This group is purchasing the most in the market right now, they drive a lot of trends, they want their look to express intrinsic value, they will not buy from a brand they would not want to be friends with, they are highly concerned about what the brand represents and how it connects to their value system of diversity, transparency and inclusivity.

Now that we understand more about the skin care world, let’s learn the 4-day Skin Cycle Routine…

Day 1: Exfoliate (ideally with a chemical exfoliator)

We have a mask with glycolic acid (alpha hydroxy acid) that gives you a deep, yet gentle exfoliation.

Microdermabrasion is a physical exfoliator that is also a great option to use on Day 1.  I rotate between our glycolic acid peel and microdermabrasion.

Day 2: Retinol

We entered the dermo-cosmetics world a few years ago with our high potency 0.5 Retinol + Facial Milk Serum.  Most people cannot use a high potency retinol every day without having dry, flaky skin.  Using it a couple times a weeks gives you great results, without over-processing.  It does take about 8-weeks of using Retinol sparingly for your skin to adjust to the product.  We have two other derm-inspired serums that really pack the punch:  Vitamin C + Resveratrol Line Reducer and HA (hyaluronic acid) + Ceramide.  Both boosters can be used daily.

Day 3: Restore & Nourish

Day 3 and 4 are restoration days.  On Day 3 you will not only restore, but also nourish your skin.  It is important to have extra hydration.  Although you will hydrate every day, it is important to “super” hydrate your skin, while giving it a rest from acids.  Our Moisture Renewing Gel Mask & Bio-Cellulose Lifting Mask are great options for extra hydration.  I also use our Hydrogel Eye Patches throughout the week for extra hydration around the eye area.

Day 4: Restore & Detox

This is another restoration day to take a break from acids, plus it is time to detox with a Charcoal Mask.  Activated charcoal acts like a magnet to pull oils and impurities from the skin, detoxing your pores.  Our Charcoal Mask also has navy bean, a natural skin brightener.  After the restoration and detox, this completes the 4-day cycle, and your skin will be ready to start the process over again on the following day.

Are you a skin care guru and have a great routine already?  Or do you struggle to remember to wash your face at night?

We have levels to help everyone start where they are comfortable, and ideally build to a full skin cycle routine, even if you are not quite ready to begin the full concept yet.  It can feel like a lot in the beginning, but can become an enjoyable routine that you love once you get the hang of it.

We start our clients on one of three levels, with the goal of using all three eventually.  Using all 3 levels completes the full 4-day skin cycle routine.  With each level, your results increase.


Start using a basic skin care routine including a cleanser, moisturizer & eye cream, possibly even a serum.

Our TimeWise Repair, TimeWise 3D, and Mary Kay Naturally lines of skin care are a great place to start for level one.


At level two, you will begin using treatments and masks that are commonly used at a dermatologist or salon.  You would use each treatment about two times a week as you cycle through the 4-day routine. Our treatments/masks include Radiance Glycolic Peel, Microdermabrasion, Moisture Renewing Gel Mask, Bio-Cellulose Lifting Mask, Charcoal Mask & Hydrogel Eye Patches.  We also have a great lip treatment called Satin Lips.


This is where you enter into the dermo-cosmetics world with Retinol 0.5 and daily booster serums.

Level three comes with a complimentary travel roll up bag, which allows you to stay organized with your routine.  A level 3 bag ranges from $550-$700 (pictured above), depending on the level one skin care system you choose.

It’s time to level-up, girl!  Your results will not go unnoticed, and you will have a daily routine that you love.

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