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The Things We Do For Our Kids

My son’s diagnosis with an auto-immune skin disorder last year set us on a journey of eliminating environmental toxins from our home.

Thanks to companies like Norwex and Young Living and Shaklee, I knew there was a clean way to do laundry (pun intended), but I was so attached to the clean-laundry smell that I had a hard time letting go of my Tide and Arm & Hammer. I mean, is there a better smell in your home than clean laundry? And when your sheets are freshly washed and you climb into bed for the first time it just feels so clean because it smells so “clean”. I even used to buy clean-laundry scented candles, that is how much I liked the scent.

But there is nothing like something messing around with your kid that creates motivation that did not exist before. The things we do for our children.

Your average laundry detergent has a long list of chemicals from irritating surfactants and formaldehyde to carcinogens and artificial fragrance (my favorite). It can be harmful to your body and it is harsh on the environment. Many people have reactions to detergent and even if you do not, your skin and body is still being exposed to harsh chemicals, which can impact your overall health, even if you do not experience symptoms.

We wanted to create the most healthy environment for our son to create space for healing and wellness. So, we made the switch.

Here is a list of what I now use:

  • Shaklee’s liquid, fragrance-free detergent. Norwex also has a great option.

  • Homemade “bleach” (1 cup): water, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, thieves oil blend, lemon essential oil (Thank you Phoebe for your help with this.)

  • Baking soda (1 cup). Costco has a huge bag for around $7.

  • Wool Dryer Balls

Does it smell the same? Not even close. There is a hint of lemon, but other than that, I do not smell anything. Bummer. I have had to retrain my brain to believe that my laundry is “clean” even though it does not smell clean. And the irony is that my former clean-smelling laundry was “dirty” and my current non-scented laundry is now actually clean.

It is overwhelming to walk down the path of eliminating toxins in your home. It can feel like everything is the enemy, from tap water and frying pans to candles and cleaning products, and it is easy to start obsessing. I do not like to feel like everything is the enemy and I am way too good at obsessing, so I try to avoid it. Instead, I focus on what I can control today, and continue to educate myself to improve tomorrow.

I choose to believe that I am creating an environment of health and wellness for my family. It is not perfect, but we continue to walk out the journey.

Happy laundering, everyone.



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I have been contemplating switching up my cleaning products for awhile now but more so in this last year. I’m definitely going to check out these companies and see what they have for our family. We have kids with eczema so products for sensitive skin are important.

Thank you for sharing and I’m praying for your family and your son‘s health journey.



I love the homemade bleach thank you! I also add vinegar to each load of clothes…. my grandmother always did. It helps on so many levels, I have found. No your clothes and towels do not smell like vinegar or pickles.. Your washing machine will stay cleaner. The colors in the fabric stays longer. Plus so much more. Thank you for sharing. Christine

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