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Mom-Speeches on Mopey-Monday’s

Weekends are an exciting marathon here at the Lauchlan Homestead. From sports games and neighborhood gatherings to play dates and CrossFit and Church and celebrations and more. We can often go nonstop all weekend, doing all the fun things. This makes Monday mornings “interesting” around these parts.

My kids starting calling it “Mopey Monday”, which was appropriate because there was a lot of moping happening. BUT then I remembered that words have incredible power. And I remembered that words can bring life or death. And words define your reality. And who wants “mopey” to steal away the energy and possibility that comes with every Monday morning?! Not me. Not us. So I quickly pivoted and started calling the first day of the week “Motivated Monday”! I would rather live a motivated life than a mopey life. What you speak about and think about is what you bring about.

So now, every morning when we get in the car I give a mom-speech. I have them trapped in a small space with nowhere to go and nothing to do....perfect moment for mom-speeches.

The speeches goes a little something like this…

“It’s Motivated Monday! Who’s ready to have a great week? I am feeling motivated! We always have a choice. Even when we feel tired, we can choose to have a motivated day. How can you be motivated today?” (Silence and blank stares. LOL. I don’t let it phase me.)

Here’s how Tuesday goes...”It’s Transformational Tuesday. What does transform mean? It means to change form. We always want to be growing and transforming into the highest and best version of who God created us to be. How can you grow and transform today?” (More silence. Sometimes grunting.)

Wednesday...”Today is Win It Wednesday! Just like your CrossFit coach teaches you, you can find a WIN in everything you do. That does not mean you win every game or ace every test, but it means you give your all and learn to find wins for yourselves and others. A win could be encouraging a friend. A win could be giving it your best even when it’s hard. What wins can you get today?”

Thursday...”It is Throw In Thursday! We are at the end of the week and it is time to throw in your best effort to finish strong. How can you have a strong finish this week?”

Friday...”What is today? Yes! It is Fun Friday (they like this one)! We did it! We had another successful week. You worked hard and had so many wins. Now we can celebrate and have fun this weekend! What are you looking forward to this weekend?”

My speeches are not always met with a lot of enthusiasm. They don’t always have a response or answers to my questions. But I know they hear me. And I know words have power so I will continue to speak positive uplifting words into their minds, hoping and trusting they take root in their hearts.

Here’s to another great week. Live well. Choose well.



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I couldn't love this more! Thank you for sharing!!

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